This is a listing of the contributing Consultancies:

Cultural issues - 'The Help 4 All Consultancy'

Wellbeing Issues - 'The Wellbeing-Consultancy'

Personal-improvements - 'The FW Consultancy'

Relationship Issues - 'The Relate Consultancy'

Intimacy Issues - 'The Sex Secrets Consultancy'

Peace & Peace of Mind Potentials - 'The Peace Consultancy'

Synergy Potentials - 'The VSI Consultancy'

Sustainability Potentials - 'The Wiser Consultancy'

Epic Advancements - 'The Epic Consultancy'

Expedient Potentials - 'The Wital Consultancy'

Core Knowledge - 'The CK Consultancy'

Core Information - 'The Core-Consultancy'

Universal Understandings - 'The IUUL Consultancy'

Opposites Issues - 'The Opposites Consultancy'

Balance Issues - 'The Balance Consultancy'

Paradoxical Issues - 'The Paradox Consultancy'

Core Solutions - 'The Core Solutions Consultancy'