Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a personal site being used for a Legacy initiative?

Derek is a principal contributor to it.

Why is the project being reconstructed?

Having tested a Beta version, refinements are being introduced.

What does this amount to in practice?

The output from each Consultancy will be defined, one from the other.

When will these revisions be introduced?

Beta testing of the revised approach is scheduled for early 2015.

Will the output be completed by then?

It will continue to be generated on an ongoing basis.

Can anyone request output as well as receive assistance?

Both options are available.

Are they expensive?

Not by comparison to the implications of not resolving severe issues.

How can people with modest resources receive assistance?

The design of the project will cater for this need.

How can this be so?

Numerous innovative features will help to make it possible.

For example?

Costs of assistance can be offset against helping the project's successes.

Does this include helping third-party Causes, and raising money for them?

Both of these options are included, as well as utilising the overall spectrum of On-line potentials.

How can I pursue my needs?

By completion of an initial Contact form.